Potomac Metal and Supply, Inc.
Design & Custom Metal Fabrication

Potomac Metal & Supply, Inc. employs 25 people in the custom design and metal fabrication business. The Company has a 32,000 sq. ft. metal fabrication facility in Cumberland, Maryland with computerized plasma-cutting, paint and abrasive blast cleaning systems and has among the largest metal break, shear and roll anywhere between Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Our average volume is $2 to 3 million dollars while working one shift. Multiple shifts can be used as needed. We have access to a large, skilled work force in the Cumberland area.

In 2002, we opened our state-of-the-art, enclosed Blast Room and Paint & Cure Room. This addition to Potomac Metal allows us to blast clean, paint and cure through almost all coatings in the shortest possible time, regardless of outside weather conditions. With the new Blast Room and Paint & Cure Room, we can handle those rush jobs without waiting two to three days for each batch of paint to cure before we can handle or assemble the equipment.

Founded in 1969 by John W. Yoder, Sr. and Walter N. Yoder, Potomac Metal is a family-owned business. In 1999, the company ownership passed on to the third generation and is now owned and operated by Mark Yoder, CEO, and John Yoder, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer. Both are registered professional engineers and graduates of West Virginia University. John Yoder holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, and Mark Yoder holds a Master of Science degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering.

Potomac Metal’s affiliate, Walter N. Yoder & Sons, Inc. (www.wnyoder.com),has completed projects in Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, Kentucky, New York and South Dakota. As a full service contractor, the firm is equipped with excavators, backhoes, trenchers, cranes, dump trucks and tractor-trailers, along with other, smaller support equipment.

Both companies are available to meet your fabrication and construction needs.


Since 1927

Since 1969

Potomac Metal & Supply Company
Design & Custom Metal Fabrication
12001 Siebert Road S.E., P.O. Box 1415
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