Water Screens

Potomac Metal's mainstay is the fabrication of power plant traveling water filtration screens used throughout the United States and abroad. We also install many of the units built throughout New York State and the Midwest.

We have built and installed water screens for over 20 years and have worked with every major screen manufacturer. Our commitment to quality and quality control assures that you are getting the material and workmanship you deserve. The same crew that builds the traveling water screen is available to install it. Our employees have the experience and personalities to work well with other trades during any installation project. Potomac Metal can also remove your existing screens for rehabilitation in our shop and reinstall them at your site.

When we come to your site, we have all the necessary equipment to do the job and do it quickly. Our job trailer is like a mobile fabrication. It carries the following equipment at all times: Miller 251 NT welder-generator 250 amp AC-DC and 8 KW output, 1/2" capacity plasma cutting unit, 5 HP gasoline air compressor, GMAW wire feeder and torch, grinders, drills, hand tools, impact wrenches, chain hoists, oxygen acetylene torch, rotary hammer drill, safety harness, self-retracting life lines, ladders, chains and slings, plus many other items too numerous to mention. This trailer enables us to be self-sufficient, while furnishing our own power and compressed air.

Safety is a high priority. We hold an excellent Workmen's Compensation experience modification rate. We are ready and able to service your equipment quickly and properly, with little or no disturbance to your facility.